Summer Intern Opportunities!

raisedhands.jpgIf you or someone you know is looking for a great opportunity to work with a grassroots project to help spread the Progressive message and get Progressives and Democrats elected in November, we have just the ticket!

The Winning Words Project is seeking Interns to work with us in the following ways:

  • Assist our writers with readying their posts and contributor posts for publish, including:
    • Choosing a related post to link to.
    • Ensuring the Social Media text is compelling and appropriate (fits size limits and/or is relevant to the accompanying post).
    • Finding interesting images to accompany the posts.
    • Editing images as needed.
    • Copy editing for spelling errors, style errors, and typos.
    • Adding brief contributor bio info to the bottom of contributor posts and cross-posting links to the contributor's blog page.
    • Other steps as necessary.
  • Track down YouTube videos that can be used to accompany current posts like the one accompanying the "5 Words Democrats And Progressives Should Never Say Again" post, or about which we can write new posts. Videos keep readers engaged and on our site!
  • Create a "Recommended Reading" blog.
    • Search for books related to Progressive and/or Democratic messaging.
    • Create links to Amazon for those books and write brief descriptions that will entice readers to want to click through and perhaps purchase them.
    • Reach out to authors for potential interview opportunities about their books.
  • Manage the Tweet of the Day section.
    • Search for appropriate tweets from new (avoid repeat) senders.
    • Insert them on the blog.
    • Sign in to the WWP Twitter account and tweet the "winners" to encourage them to RT (everyone likes their name in lights).
  • Submit our posts to Reddit and promote the Reddit links to their friends and social networking contacts to be voted up (with legitimate votes - NO PADDING!)
  • Maintain The Winning Words Project's Twitter account and Facebook page.
    • Post all new Winning Words Project's posts (including contributor posts) to our Facebook page.
    • Find out what resources Facebook makes available to us and let us know how we can take advantage of those assets.
  • Identify other Social Media sources for The Winning Words Project to take advantage of to get our message out.
  • Find appropriate venues/blogs where we might be able to have our posts republished to increase readership.
  • Identify relevant blogs with on-topic posts for us to seek republishing permissions from.
  • Gather all contact and social media links for every member of both houses of congress to update our lists.
  • Gather all contact and social media links for progressive candidates from the Act Blue candidate directoryand create a database so that we can start reaching out to as many candidates as possible with our messaging recommendations.
    • Integrate the database of contact info on the Winning Words Project as "Tweet the Candidates" posts like we have for tweeting the current House and Senate.
    • Post links to The Winning Words Project on each one of the candidate's Facebook and Twitter accounts.
    • Identify candidates who could benefit from utilizing our messaging (read their actual websites and look for deficiencies in message and/or approach) so we can contact their campaigns directly about our project.
  • Web and graphic design work including assisting with future infographics.
  • Message board set-up, maintenance, and moderation.
  • Examine the results of this Pew study and pull out potential framing opportunities for us to tackle.
  • Keep up with the news and forward any articles that would be good candidates for posts on messaging related to their content.
  • Research on Unions for a series of posts in support of "Democracy in the Workplace."
  • Research on the Founding Fathers for relevant speeches, letters, or quotes on the economy, the "common good," our social compact, etc.
  • Other, as new projects and opportunities arise.

If you would like to join our Winning Team, please send an email to volunteer @

Thank you in advance for any and all interest!


The Winning Words Team

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