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moderate and fact-check the content of this site

I couldn't find any info on the "About" section about how the posts on this site are fact-checked. A poorly-informed post is useless and will backfire.

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Master list

Do you have, or will you consider creating a desktop dictionary-type database of the words to substitute for the ones in the Frank Luntz playbook? Like an online (page on your site) Wikipedia, where all the words are in one place for look-up? That would help me as I'm answering my right side friends on the fly,

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A good way to respond to Republican obstruction of Federal Government initiatives

As the Democrats continue to gain power and influence, some Republicans have been determined to block every improvement Obama wishes to make to give America more and better paying jobs. Some take it much further and publicly call for the total collapse or at least impairment of the American economy as a way to remove Obama from office.

These people, like the evangelist Franklin Graham (see and the Republican Party who have threatened several times to shut down the Government if they don't get their way (see have the idea that if they don't get their way on everything they have the right to sabotage America's economy. Their destructive threats are thus CONDITIONAL.

My idea is to promote these statements as being UNCONDITIONAL: that is, describe these kinds of people as wanting to destroy America's economy without saying why. Paint them as traitors who want to undermine America's strength just as much as Al-Qaeda wants to.

When they react and say "No, we only want to destroy the economy if we don't get our way," we will have called their bluff and forced the to reveal the fact that they indeed DO NOT have the best interests of America's citizens at heart, but instead only care about themselves.

My plan is a great way to further marginalise the kinds of political activists who power and influence needs to disappear as soon as possible.

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Thank you for marvelous work! Here's how we can kickstart Walmart and other corporations

It is so heartening to see your project disseminating fresh ideas! I have an idea to throw into the mix. We do not necessarily have to wait for Walmart to take the initiative in restoring middle class prosperity. The middle class, as soon as it becomes aware of its own power, can trigger the needed economic restoration itself. Using a collective purchasing strategy of buying only from corporations with the lowest CEO-to-regular worker pay ratios, the middle class can create a race to the bottom in CEO compensation. This will have no real effect until a critical mass in the tens of millions of consumers is attained. As soon as CEO compensation has been forced down to levels commensurate with 1970, we will have restored an additional $1.7 trillion in annual income back to the middle class. This allows an average pay raise of $20,000 for a family of four in the lower 99%. The resulting surge in consumer spending would create millions of jobs and would shrink welfare rolls, but would also be inflationary and would have to be dampened somewhat by taxation . Very meaningful deficit closure would result. All we would need is a little help from the government to ensure full disclosure of accurate and up to date information from all corporations. I am very much looking forward to a brighter future as we all work together. Godspeed to all of you.

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How do we respond to the criticism that government is too big.

Is it too big? What can we possibly cut without making poor people poorer, or essentially stealing the money people have invested in Social Security?


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Hey, put in a suggestion box.

How hard can that be?

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