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‎"In fact, according to the authors, “economic growth, for so long the great engine of progress, has in the rich countries, largely finished its work.” Today, we are witnessing the overall decrease in health, happiness, and well-being of millions of American families, among many other social ills as a result of one single factor; the difference in income levels between the haves and have nots. Such a discrepancy between material success and social failure suggests that, “if we are to gain further improvements in the real quality of life, we need to shift attention from material standards and economic growth to ways of improving the psychological and social well-being of whole societies.”

I think the key, the core of the problem stems from people being sold a bill of goods. People are told that to work harder for the sole purpose of making money and working for others who are only interesting in accumulating more money as their goal will set us free. It does the opposite!

Victor Frankel in his book Mans Search For Meaning described how the concentration Camp Survivors were often the ones who had a purpose, a reason to go on living while others were the ones who gave up and sometimes launched themselves into the electric fences.

I think Health, Happiness, and Personal Growth is the counter to the right wing Economic Growth framing. It is happiness that leads to wealth and prosperity and health and happiness it’s been shown comes from strong ties to a purpose beyond oneself, to ones community and relationships with others. I think the battle is really superficially between the right and the left. To the extent we can promote the localization of economic activities like having people learn to build their own businesses and work with others cooperatively and locally, and promote the personalization of happiness we will succeed in shifting the control from the outside of us to inside of us.

Personal Growth!
Make a difference not just a living!
Thrive! Don’t just survive!
We are not consumers, debt payers or standardized mechanisms. We are organisms each unieque as our our families and communities.
We have to stop feeding the Corporate and Political Machine and measuring our success by the stock market and GDP gains.
When people focus on really living and doing good for themselves and others rather than doing well in the market or economically we will all prosper!
We need to redefine success and GDP as “Good Doing People”.

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