Freedom, Opportunity, And Security Are Progressive Winning Words

An Exclusive Interview With Author Bernie Horn

framingthefuturebookcover.pngBernie Horn, author of "Framing The Future: How Progressive Values Can Win Elections And Influence People" is coming out with a new book on Progressive framing this summer, so we decided to get to know Bernie a little bit, and introduce him to our readers ahead of its much anticipated release. We asked Bernie some pretty hard-hitting questions about "Framing The Future" so we could learn more about this critical aspect of winning elections, and he was gracious enough to take the time to answer them for us. "Framing The Future" is chock full of really important points and we had a lot of questions, so we'll be posting this interview in parts.

Part I

The Winning Words Project: Thank you so much for agreeing to talk to us and our readers about your book. First, tell us a little about your background. Why did you decide to work in the field of Progressive Messaging?

Bernie Horn:  I’ve worked full-time in politics since 1988. I’ve been a campaign manager, a political consultant, a lobbyist, and currently I work for the Progressive Majority Action Fund and its 501(c)(3) sister organization. From 2000 to 2008 I served as the Policy and Communications Director at the Center for Policy Alternatives (CPA). CPA had a fellowship program for state legislators which stressed “values-based leadership.” Our hundreds of legislator-fellows included Gabby Giffords, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Keith Ellison, Jon Tester, Chellie and Hannah Pingree, and Kendrick Meek. I feel like they taught progressive values to me and I have tried to spread those ideas to others.   

WWP: Your book, “Framing the Future: How Progressive Values Can Win Elections and Influence People," was written just before the 2008 Presidential Primary season got under way. What inspired you to write it? Were any of your recommended frames used by either of the two major candidates, Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, and if so, how did they effectively use them?

Bernie Horn:  After writing about progressive values for about four years, The Nation magazine published one of my essays and that led to an invitation from Berrett-Koehler to expand it into a book. So my inspiration was the enthusiasm of that wonderful publishing house.

Obama and Clinton are two of the best communicators in the Democratic Party and don’t really need the structure I suggest. For several years, I have been focused on state and local officeholders and candidates; many of them have been part of the Progressive Majority “farm team.” I think we have made a difference there.


 Is He "Thrifty" Or Is He A "Miser"? Focus Groups Can Help Us Learn What Resonates  

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The Vagina Wars: GOP's War on Women (WTF Are They Doing)

vaginawarsbookcover.jpgThe attacks on a women’s right to choose to have a legal abortion in the US are vile and unprecedented.

Mostly white male Republican/GOP controlled state legislatures in 45 US states introduced 944 separate ALEC model sponsored bills controlling women’s reproductive rights and freedoms between January – March 2012.

On this book’s National Equal Pay Day release date, despite there being a National Fair Pay law, women earn $0.77 on the dollar compared to their male counterparts.

You can clearly see that this War is real.

In this second book in the WTF are They Doing? series, Denis G. Campbell, editor of UK Progressive Magazine, looks in-depth at the origins of the GOP’s War on Women and its impact on the 2012 US Presidential Election.
He examines how it all started and its insidiously deep and far-reaching tentacles

• the broader corporate-funded plan by ALEC to derail women’s workplace rights and equal pay,
• the disgusting battle for control of their reproductive system, uteruses and vaginas,
• the utter paternalistic humiliation of women via state mandated forced vaginal ultrasounds to bully and scare women at an extremely vulnerable and scarring moment when most civilised nations offer counselling and support and the sneering,
• total disregard for anything that promotes a woman’s upward mobility, striving for work-life balance and real economic growth.

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