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It isn't enough that only we in the blogsphere use progressive language on the critical issues of our time; our party leaders and representatives, as well as those in the media, must be brought on board with this philosophy. In pursuit of the goal of having every single legislator (whether state or federal), every candidate for office, and every person representing or speaking on behalf of these people, sharing the same language, we are reaching out to you for your help.

The Winning Words Project is forming a coalition of people in every state and in every congressional district who will be our liaisons with their representative and/or candidates. As part of our Action Team, help with any of the following would go a long way in winning back the majority in Congress so we can see real progress in this country:

  • Gather all available contact information for your representative or candidate, including phone numbers, email links, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, and any other social media information available for that individual and share that information with us so we can add them to our contact lists.
  • Ensure the Action Items and/or Progressive Frames we provide get the attention of the representative or candidate in your state or district—Call, Email, Post to their Twitter & Facebook accounts, etc.
  • Tweet, Post, Reddit, Facebook, and share these posts with all of your friends and followers, copying your representatives and/or candidate in your districts every time you do.
  • Use the the hastag #WinningWords in your tweets. 
  • Like us on Facebook—Please!
  • Invite your neighbors and friends to your home to meet your representative and/or candidate and talk about the importance of speaking with one, clear voice using language that portrays our moral position in evocative terms.
  • Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers, both large and community-based, and use our recommended language so it can become part of the common vernacular in the political world.
  • Join the discussion on local news websites, getting the language out there in every corner where we might find people talking about, or interested in, this election.
  • Be our eyes and ears on the ground and let us know what your friends, colleagues, club members, social media friends, clergy, et al are talking about. This will become our "focus group," but on a scale that Frank Luntz could never hope to rival, and we will use what you pass along to us in our ongoing effort to shape how Democrats, Liberals and Progressives speak.
  • Other, as yet undetermined. Your input is always welcome on additional ways we can utilize our human resources.You can volunteer to be on our Action Team by using the form below, or tweeting The Winning Words Project @WinningWordsPro with the hashtags #WinningWords and #Volunteer.

Thank you for your support for this vital project!

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Thank you
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Fire it up! #WinningWords Community Action Project via @winningwordspro
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I’m Tweeting all your great re-framing and getting many RT’s. I also sent to team Obama, but will Tweet my reps too!
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@funksands Funk, go to their site--they're really nice. Post those phrases! #winningwords
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